Terms & Conditions

By attending an appointment, you agree to our terms & conditions below. PLEASE READ TO AVOID EXTRA FEES.
Please make sure your dog is up-to-date with vaccinations and microchipped.

Would you please make sure your dog has been to the toilet before your appointment.

To help us to give your dog the best experience possible, we ask pet owners to tell us about any medical condition and any ongoing treatment, such as ear and eye infections. Please always inform us about any new concerns at the point of drop off. We keep records of your dog’s health for our information, along with details of how we groom your dog. We do not groom dogs in season or pregnant if your dog has had any recent surgery or has any opened wounds that have not healed. If a dog becomes ill or an accident occurs, we will seek immediate veterinary care. We have full Public liability insurance covered; however, the owner agrees to pay any fees for pre-existing conditions.

We will not attempt to untangle a badly matted and knotted coat. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 advises that this procedure can cause pain and discomfort and damage the skin. We can recommend in these cases; however, clipping off the coat is often the only option. Pet owners are required to sign a shave off a matted coat form if the dog’s coat is severely matted.
Louisa’s Dog Grooming Salon does not accept liability for veterinary fees if skin blemishes and sores are nicked or cut while shaving off a matted coat. Usually, we can remove knots in one or two areas, like behind the ears. In some cases, the time allocated will not be sufficient, and pet owners may experience an additional charge of £5-10 for heavy matting.

We ask pet owners to please treat their dogs for fleas and ticks regularly. We reserve the right to refuse to groom a dog with fleas at drop off. If we find the dog has fleas while being groomed (flea shampoo used); and the groom completed, however, the pet owner will be charged £10 for the time and cost of disinfecting the salon.

The Pet Industrial Federation (PIF) recommends cleaning only the external area of the ear and not entering the ear cavity for plucking out the hair. If we find any problem with the ears, we will always inform the owner to seek veterinary care.

Any dog that shows aggression to people or other dogs we will not accept for grooming. We ask the pet owner to let us know in advance if their dog has any behavioural issues. We have the right to muzzle your dog or end the grooming session if your dog poses any danger to people or other dogs. Louisa’s Dog Grooming Salon will contact the pet owner immediately to come and collect their dog.  You must inform me before grooming your dog if it has ever bitten or displayed aggression to anyone. Failure to divulge this information may result in the refusal of further services. We draw your attention to the Dangerous Dogs Act, which holds owners liable for bites and injuries caused by their dogs

Unfortunately, we don`t accept dogs that constantly bark or very noisy dogs for grooming as we are situated in a residential area with neighbours nearby.

We work by appointment only to ensure sufficient time to complete your dog. Pet owners who are 20 minutes late for their appointments may require re-booking. When you drop off your dog, you will be advised or phoned at what time to collect your pet. Would you please collect your pet no longer than 30 minutes after our notification of completion? Please note that we need 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations or rescheduling. If the pet owner misses their appointment, we will require a £20 non-refundable deposit for your next appointment. If you would like to reschedule later, we will need 48 hours’ notice to keep the deposit.

Cash, cheque payment or bank transfer required upon drop off or collection of the pet. We apologise. We do not accept card payments.

We want to show off our skills by using photos of your dog on our website or social media outlets. If the owner does not wish their dog photographed, please notify us when you book an appointment or at the time drop off.

If you are not happy with how we groom your dog or want it differently, please tell us immediately. We will endeavour to put right any changes and record them for the next appointment.

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